Young Boy Miracle’s Latest Hit ‘Actin New’

Seattle rapper Young Boy Miracle just released a new single titled ‘Actin New‘. The song has a chill but catchy beat and emotional lyrics. While the 18-year-old artist is fairly new to the scene, he already has a large presence in the Soundcloud rap world; almost all of his 2021 singles have blown up, and we’re sure ‘Actin New’ will be no exception. YBM’s intricate flow is just one of his talents- he also writes and records his own music and creates beats. He’s yet to release an album, but when he does we’ll definitely be tuning in. In just two years Young Boy Miracle has amassed over 115,000 followers on Spotify, and we can’t wait to see what milestones he’ll reach next. His goal is to empower young artists to do the impossible, and it seems like he is doing just that. You can stream ‘Actin New’ on all platforms now.

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