XZAI Releases A Hit With His New Song ‘Margiela’

Washington D.C. born rapper, XZAI, is making his way into thousands of people’s playlists with his new song ‘Margiela’ which was released a few weeks ago back in September. With pluggnb absolutely taking over the underground SoundCloud scene recently, this track fits perfectly with that new wave. XZAI’s hook on the track is what stands out as his vocal cadence and lyrical content blend together to create something super catchy, which is what the pluggnb genre is all about. After browsing through his discography, it doesn’t seem as though this style of rap is his go-to, and I definitely think it should be. From what I can piece together from this track alone, it sounds like his voice matches with the genre really well. The track also features a verse from La$hae, who continues XZAI’s energy throughout the second half of the song. Female rappers have been taking over the underground hip-hop world and I think it’s again, because of how well they flow and pair with the new pluggnb sound. Sojabrat is a prime example of this, now amassing tens of thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify.

XZAI is definitely someone to watch going into the next year. With thousands of views across all platforms and his debut EP, ‘XZAI’s WRLD,’ which premiered back in May of 2020, I think he has proven time and time again that he can put out quality music and consistently get better with every song. You can stream XZAI and La$hae’s new track below.

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