Vlah Music Links Up With BigGuySky For New Song ‘Crush It’

If you aren’t already following Vlah Music you sure are missing out, especially if you are an artist. Helping independent artists left and right in countless ways, Vlah Music has assembled a team of underrated rappers for their new project dropping very soon entitled ‘Vlah World.’ Yesterday they linked up with BigGuySky to drop ‘Crush It’ which is the second exclusive single to drop off of the much-anticipated album, following up ‘9 to 5’ which was released a couple of months ago. Produced by ayoleybeats and 23questions, the song is very upbeat and features Sky’s incredible vocals as he showcases not only his vocal but also lyrical ability. It has a very unique sound to it, I can’t think of an artist who sounds even similar to this style which makes it a very easy listen.

If you’re looking for a song to throw in your playlist that you could leave on repeat for hours at a time without it going stale, then Crush It is perfect for you. Vlah Music’s first-ever, upcoming album is definitely a project that should be on your radar by now. Vlah has proven they have a great ear for music and know how to recruit talent when they see it. Although no official release date has been publicized by the company, I would say that in the very near future we will be getting the album in its entirely. Until then, you can stream Crush It below.

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