Vibes! Links Up With Iayze On “Walk Em Down”

Vibes! is an upcoming artist from Connecticut, and he returns to the music scene for the release of his new song “Walk Em Down” featuring one of the biggest artists in the underground right now, Iayze. For someone who has been a longtime listener of Vibes, when I heard he had a song dropping with Iayze I was extremely excited. Although Vibes does very well with rage and other genres, his cadence and lyrical content fit really well with more laid-back music, something that Iayze is known for making him the perfect fit for this track. Iayze is just coming off a viral track with his song “Cold Sweats” as well as a project “Be The Best” which was well-liked by the community.

One of the most important things you can do as an artist is make sure your song has repeat potential. There’s a reason why Lofi and rain sounds are some of the highest streamed genres, it’s because people leave it on repeat while sleeping. That’s exactly why I think Vibes has a hit on his hands, this song is perfect to throw on before going to bed and which leads to the song playing all night long.

Vibes! is quickly joining other well-established underground artists, for being at the top of this industry. Now having worked with Slump6s and Iayze, he’s is rapidly gaining the attention of underground fans, and for good reason. With just a year under his belt for putting music out, he has showcased his ability to grow and evolve and that alone will propel him to the top going into the next year. I definitely suggest tuning into Vibes and adding this song to your rotation because it’ll be stuck in your head all day. You can stream “Walk Em Down” below.

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