The Wave God Reaches New Heights With His EP “LUKA’S REVENGE”

With plugg and rage music at its peak right now, The Wave God is here to prove why he deserves a spot next to the top contenders of the underground with his new EP “LUKA’S REVENGE.” With loads of features including names such as BabySantana, TrapGoKrazy, Xhulooo, and other well-established artists, that should be a clear sign that this project is definitely worth a listen. On top of having crazy features, Wave God continues to deliver with very easy-to-listen-to tracks, and that is shown if you look at the numbers this EP has done already. In just a month that it has been released, the 12-track project has amassed well over 55-thousand streams on SoundCloud alone, not too bad for your first official EP. Some standout tracks would definitely have to be his biggest song to date which is “Vice City Stories” featuring BabySantana, “For You!!” featuring NYM RIZ, and “Havin Now” with Dcxshy. There’s not much to hate about this EP obviously, for being so fresh in his career there is always room for improvement in terms of mixing but other than that Wave God has the hard part down which is learning to structure a song and being able to put his all into a body of work. If he continues on the trend he’s on right now Wave God will be at the top of everybody’s lists in no time.

With his fanbase growing rapidly and some of the best artists in the industry on his side, I see no reason why The Wave God won’t be up on the same level as them in the near future. He clearly has his head down and is dedicated to his craft. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in this upcoming year, so if you aren’t already caught up with his discography it is one I highly suggest you do. You can stream “LUKA’S REVENGE” below.

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