TCM Pain Drops A Hit With ‘For My Heart Too’

TCM Pain is a new face to the Vision Collective site, but he is about to make a lot of noise with the release of his new song ‘For My Heart Too’ which dropped on Christmas Day last year. With a beautiful guitar instrumental filling the instrumental, Pain slides on this track speaking on what seems to be a past relationship. On top of that, Pain delivers with a catchy hook that’ll stay in your mind for the rest of the week. An aspect of this track that really shines through is his flow throughout the track and his lyrical content. For someone with only a couple thousand streams, TCM Pain is criminally underrated. Coming off of his new single ‘Ain’t too late’ which came out in March 2021, Pain has showcased even when taking a small hiatus from releasing music he can come back and drop something really solid. Another aspect of Pain that shouldn’t go unnoticed, is his hunger and dedication. Especially at this stage for a lot of rappers, most get left feeling unmotivated and defeated, but TCM Pain has continued to show he really believes in his craft and this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

While still being new to the industry, I don’t think Pain is far off from finally finding the sound that will propel him to the top of the industry. With a few mixing tweaks and then just experience being in the scene, there is no doubt that TCM Pain will be a name heard by a much larger audience in the upcoming year. You can stream TCM Pain’s ‘For My Heart Too’ below and on all streaming platforms.

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