Taylr Woods Drops Classic Album ‘Made 4 This’

Houston-based singer/songwriter, Taylr Woods has been on go for the entire year and just when you thought he was finished he drops an incredible album just days before the new year. ‘Made 4 This’ is a 14-track album that is packed full of hits. Taylr is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to the genre he makes and he does it yet again on this project. Consisting of mostly R&B tracks I was blown away after the first listen, Taylr’s R&B music has always been what stands out to me rather than the other stuff he does and he doesn’t disappoint. With Taylr listing some of his influences as Drake, Bryson Tiller, and Giveon, he absolutely nails the authentic sound these other artists are producing. With R&B being one of my favorite genres it is extremely hard to find an underground artist who does it well because there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into that style of music on top of having the natural singing ability. This leads me to my next topic which is the production level on this entire project being amazing, whether it be an interlude or a voicemail at the end of a song Taylr continues to show how talented he is.

This album is definitely comparable to Drake’s “So Far Gone” project, I think this is going to be an album people will look back on in future years as a “classic.” Especially when being an underground artist making a good song is very hard let alone making an entire album. Taylr had a great album, with most of it being one of the hardest genres of music to make, which is really unbelievable. Some standout tracks I would suggest you check out would be “It’s Over,” “Always Been The Plan,” and “Talk Wit U” all of these tracks are a great listen all the way through and will no doubt make their way into your playlists. Time and time again Taylr Woods showcases his star power and this is just the beginning of something huge, and I’m excited to see it unfold. You can stream Taylr Wood’s new project “Made 4 This” below and on all streaming platforms.

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