808Riot Drops His New Debut Album ‘No Structure’

Hailing all the way from Australia, 808Riot gives a memorable album that has timeless music we can play for years to come. The album features a multitude of Vision’s favorites such as Bri-C, Kevin Powers, Monty Xon, and more. Singlehandedly producing the entire album Riot has his distinct sound with his smooth trap-style production and his collaborations […]

Rxseboy Drops New Song ‘just the two of us’

Rxseboy released his newest single titled ‘just the two of us’. The track features his signature chill hip-hop and lofi fusion sound and incorporates a modern version of the beat from the popular 80s hit, ‘Just the Two of Us‘ by Bill Withers and Grover Washington Jr. In just one day, the song has accumulated […]

Haydo Releases New Single ‘Keep it Moving’

Maryland artist Haydo just dropped his new single titled ‘Keep it Moving’. The 20-year-old star has been releasing music since 2018, and since then he’s collabed with a number of talented up-and-coming artists. He’s also been able to develop a unique sound; Haydo combines elements of rock and electronic music to make his hip-hop work […]

Charlieonnafriday Shares New Track ‘After Hours’

Seventeen-year-old Seattle artist Charlieonnafriday has released his new single ‘After Hours’. Epitomizing the popular emo-rap sound, Charlieonnafriday fuses guitar and beats to create the best new sad song for your playlist. The chill track really allows for his powerful vocals to shine through, and even though it’s a slower song, ‘After Hours’ still has a […]

REN’s Latest Hit ‘Jordan’

Our favorite new trap song, ‘Jordan’ is by the talented 18-year-old up-and-coming artist, REN. The Tokyo based rapper displays his lyrical aptitude and seamless flow on the new track named after basketball player Michael Jordan. The track’s unique beat makes it the perfect addition to your party playlist. After hearing this fire latest release, we’re […]

WillV Drops New Song ‘Rockstar Living’

The up-and-coming Colorado artist, WillV, just released a new single titled ‘Rockstar Living’. The track features his signature lo-fi hip-hop sound and also includes another Vision Collective favorite, Bri-C. The two talented artists collaborate seamlessly. The song focuses on the benefits fame has to offer. WillV has perfected the emo-rap style and cites Juice Wrld, […]

637godwin’s Newest Single ‘High Life’

637godwin, also known as your next favorite emo rapper, just dropped a new single titled ‘High Life’. The track features his signature melodic flow and covers the highs and lows of fame. His emotional lyrics never get old since he incorporates aspects of different genres into his song to keep them fresh and exciting to […]

Tommy Ice Shares New Track ‘idk’

The talented Atlanta trap artist and star of the underground rap world, Tommy Ice, just released a new single titled ‘idk’. The chill hit features his intricate flow and lyrics about heartbreak and fame. In just two days, ‘idk’ has accumulated 8k streams on Soundcloud, but that’s nothing for Tommy Ice; in the last year […]

imfalls Releases New Single ‘Don’t Go’

Eighteen-year-old Arizona based artist imfalls just dropped his latest single ‘Don’t Go’, and it’s already making waves. In just a few days the high energy track has been featured on the well-known Promoting Sounds Youtube channel and has accumulated 30k views. imfalls has been curating his signature sound over the last 3 years, and aims […]

Bri-C’s Latest Hit ‘Fiesta’

Fan favorite Bri-C returns to the Vision Collective page for his new single ‘Fiesta’. The high energy song has a uniquely hype beat and it’s the perfect new addition for your party playlist. We can definitely see it blowing up; he’s been releasing one hit after another and ‘Fiesta’ is a particularly catchy one. His […]