Flyboyeli’s Newest Single ‘Decide’

Sixteen-year-old artist Flyboyeli returns to the Vision Collective page with our favorite new emo-rap song, ‘Decide’. The talented New York based rapper displays his lyrical aptitude and melodic flow on the new chill track that focuses on heartbreak. The single features another young up-and-coming hip-hop artist, Multiszn. The two artists collaborate seamlessly to create the […]

Young Boy Miracle’s Latest Hit ‘Actin New’

Seattle rapper Young Boy Miracle just released a new single titled ‘Actin New‘. The song has a chill but catchy beat and emotional lyrics. While the 18-year-old artist is fairly new to the scene, he already has a large presence in the Soundcloud rap world; almost all of his 2021 singles have blown up, and […]

637godwin’s Newest Single ‘High Life’

637godwin, also known as your next favorite emo rapper, just dropped a new single titled ‘High Life’. The track features his signature melodic flow and covers the highs and lows of fame. His emotional lyrics never get old since he incorporates aspects of different genres into his song to keep them fresh and exciting to […]

Kado’s Latest Release ‘i really hate you’

Kado’s new song ‘i really hate you’ is making waves with over 47k views in just four days on the Youtube channel Promoting Sounds. His lyrics about a breakup combined with the chill beat make it the perfect new emo-rap hit. This is Kado’s first single of 2021 and he’s already killing it. Many compare […]

Bri-C’s Fire New Track ‘Contractions’

Massachusetts native Bri-C is making a name for himself with his smooth flow, relatable lyricism, and creative work. The talented artist writes his own lyrics and designs his own cover art. His latest track ‘Contractions’ is the epitome of the iconic emo-rap sound and has racked up over 26k views on YouTube. Bri-C’s songs always […]