The Wave God Reaches New Heights With His EP “LUKA’S REVENGE”

With plugg and rage music at its peak right now, The Wave God is here to prove why he deserves a spot next to the top contenders of the underground with his new EP “LUKA’S REVENGE.” With loads of features including names such as BabySantana, TrapGoKrazy, Xhulooo, and other well-established artists, that should be a […]

iHATEROCKET Drops Pre-Album EP Entitled ‘B4 Team Rocket’

Football star turned producer/DJ, iHATEROCKET, has returned with his new EP entitled ‘B4 Team Rocket.’ The majority of people were introduced to Rocket a few weeks ago when he dropped the first single off of his new EP which featured TrapGoKrazy and Xhulooo, two stars that have been making major waves in the underground scene. […]