Showjoe Returns With A Visual For His New Song ‘Rodeo Dr’

Showjoe is no stranger to making hits and he has done it yet again with his latest track ‘Rodeo Dr.’ The Virginia-based artist has been on a tear recently with putting out music, releasing 9 songs in just a short 3 months span. These tracks also have some big players featured on them including Nick Mira, Supahmario, Its2ezzy, Yung Fazo, and more.

The ‘Batman n Robin’ rapper dropped the new song yesterday while premiering the music video on YouTube for hundreds of listeners who were tuning in live. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and the music video has amassed thousands of views and streams.

The track was produced by the legendary, Supahmario who you may know for creating the instrumentals for songs such as Lil Uzi’s ‘Myron’, Drake’s ‘What’s Next’, Young Thug’s ‘Wyclef Jean’, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of Supahmario’s discography.

Showjoe is rising to the top of the industry at an alarming rate and is being co-signed by major players in the game. Sharing on social media he has been in the studio with the Internet Money team for a few weeks. He has already announced he is going to release another song once ‘Rodeo Dr’ reaches 50k, which if he continuous to travel in the direction he has been, he should reach that number in no time.

Whenever someone asks me to put them onto a new artist I immediately go with Showjoe, and for good reason. His consistency with putting out catchy songs that’ll be stuck in your head for months, is something no other artist I know is doing right now. If you haven’t tuned into his music yet I highly suggest you do so. You can watch and stream his new song and music video below.

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