ShowJoe Releases Much-Anticipated Project ‘Kite’

ShowJoe is back and has returned with his new project ‘Kite’ that fans have been longing for. The 12-track EP features a wide variety of unique genres, including his signature sound, hyperdrill, and even a slowed & reverbed song. Although the songs released were somewhat different from what he normally drops, I think this release was his most important. Showcasing his ability to attack multiple genres of music head-on, and create fantastic music while doing it. On top of that, ShowJoe’s vocals were backed by incredible instrumentals. With production from big names such as, Supahmario, Naawoj, long-time collaborator Its2ezzy, and many more. Any album with that kind of lineup for producers is sure to be a hit. Some of the standout songs of this project would have to be ‘attendance’, ‘die alone!’, and ‘hello’ but I definitely recommend listening to the project in its entirety.

Even with the album being leaked, prompting Joe to almost not release the project altogether, it still pulled a collective of over 10,000 streams in less than 24 hours. I’ve been saying it this entire year but I think ShowJoe is the most promising & consistent artist to come out of 2021 and I’m sure you will be hearing his name in the upcoming year. If you aren’t familiar with his discography I strongly suggest you do. You can stream his new project ‘Kite’ below.

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