Rxseboy Drops New Song ‘just the two of us’

Rxseboy released his newest single titled ‘just the two of us’. The track features his signature chill hip-hop and lofi fusion sound and incorporates a modern version of the beat from the popular 80s hit, ‘Just the Two of Us‘ by Bill Withers and Grover Washington Jr. In just one day, the song has accumulated over 7k streams on Soundcloud. Coming off of an impressive 2020, Rxseboy seems to be keeping the momentum going and also just released ‘the way that you see me‘ which features many of the same artists he collaborated with to create the hit single ‘Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic‘. Since 2018, Rxseboy’s music has become a lofi staple due to his smooth vocals and lyrical talent. The future looks bright and we can’t wait to see what’s next for him. Unfortunately, ‘just the two of us’ is only available to stream on Soundcloud as of now, but you can check out the rest of Rxseboy’s music on all platforms now.

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