ripluxy Drops Long-Awaited Track ‘GADGET’

Vision Collective’s most recent signee, ripluxy, released his long-awaited track ‘GADGET’ last night. The song has the new-age drill sound that has been popularized by the wave of today’s SoundCloud rappers. After dropping his first song a few months ago, back in July of this year, the young rapper has continued his streak of dropping hits. With this style of rap propelling towards the mainstream, I think luxy is without a doubt going to be involved in that wave of artists. Although, don’t forget about the Philadelphia-native’s versatility when it comes to music-making. Whether it’s rage, pluggnb, r&b, or even pop, he just knows how to make a well-put-together, catchy song. In the Elevated produced track, he shows off his many flows with rapid delivery punched in bar after bar. Being one of the most unique sounding and creative artists in the underground right now, ripluxy is looking extremely promising.

As someone who has heard pretty much every song Luxy has in the vault, I am very excited to see what the next year has in store for the young rapper. Whether it’s new music or future collaborations, you should definitely turn your attention towards Luxy before it’s too late. You can stream his new song below.

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