Philadelphia’s N&N Management Is Pushing The Limits In The Music Industry

Philadelphia is home to many different business ventures within a wide variety of industries. With marketing being one of the most valuable aspects to businesses at the moment, N&N Management is making waves in multiple avenues. Co-Founders, Nick and Nazr are slowly taking over the Philadelphia area whether it’s through live shows, helping family-owned businesses with social media campaigns, or setting up marketing plans for local artists, the duo is proving that they can take over whichever endeavor they please. Mainly working as a music management company, they have worked with various different restaurants and other local Philadelphia-based brands. Especially during COVID, marketing was one of the only things keeping these family-owned businesses alive, by helping them reach new audiences.

Being very involved in music at a young age, N&N Management Co-Founder, Nazr Creary was very active in many creative avenues including choir, school bands, and school choirs. Growing up in a setting where creatives and artists blossomed, he continued on that path, and in 2018, Nazr joined the management team for Philadelphia rapper, Lil Drilla, as his head of marketing and promotions. Constructing release campaigns to help boost streams and social fan base. Within his first year on the team, the rapper’s social media following had seen an increase of 1000%, as well as amassing a quarter-million streams on his most notable track ‘Wet Da Block.’ On top of that Nazr was involved in more than 20 shows during 2019 and going into 2020, some of which included the hottest underground artists in the city such as Sim Santana, Stereotype Sound Sessions, Ox Flacko, and more. On top of doing music management and brand development, Nazr is still showcasing his ability to be a go-getter recently selling merchandise under N&N Management which all pieces sold out within a week from the release date. Also finishing off 2020 with a toy drive that helped raise money to sponsor a family in Northeast Philadelphia. In his short 20 years of life, Nazr has continued to stay humble and pump love and dedication into his work which is why he exceeds in any direction he decides to take.

The other half of N&N Management, Nick Zazyczny, was born and raised in Montgomery County. Growing up, Nick was involved in many sports including football, baseball, and basketball – which I think he has since carried those skills over to the business world, by constantly showcasing his leadership skills. Only beginning working in the music space in 2018, Nick started his journey as a part of the management team for a local artist and throwing shows that provided major opportunities for local talent in the greater Philadelphia area. Nick is currently still attending school at Montgomery Community College, but don’t let that mislead you into thinking he isn’t taking N&N seriously. Between his experience in digital marketing, brand development, music management, and much more, Nick and Nazr are both on a path that is looking extremely bright for the two entrepreneurs.

N&N Management is constantly breaking barriers and going against the grain in the path they have taken and it is clearly working for them. Specializing in digital marketing, brand development, visual content production, media coverage, event planning, and entertainment management, N&N Management is looking to continue to build their marketing powerhouse. As they continue to grow as a brand and make their name more prominent in the city of Philadelphia, I can see them being big players in the industry very soon.

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