Phil Smooth Slides On His Latest Track ‘Fake Love’

The quickly rising artist, Phil Smooth, is back after a 2-year hiatus to deliver two crazy hits. His most recent drop ‘Fake Love’ was released just a day after his comeback track entitled ‘Time.’ In less than 24 hours of the song being live it already has over 500 streams and was featured on the Promoting Sounds YouTube channel, which his video has amassed nearly 50,000 views and 500 plus comments.

Despite the intriguing beat, Phil steals the show as soon he begins to sing, showing off his pure, emotive voice that is as powerful as it is incredible. Each and every line he gets into starts out with such command before he ends each bar with some stretched out, clean notes that lead us right into the next lively line. There is excitement behind each word he sings, giving off the impression that he knows exactly how talented he is and can’t wait for the rest of the world to catch on. Despite his melodious delivery, he also quickens and slows his words up in the blink of an eye, showing off his dexterity as well as the sheer passion and effort that goes into each and every word he recites. If you haven’t already checked out Phil Smooth’s impressive discography, there’s no better place to start than here.

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