Patrick CC Recruits Malik For Their New Single ‘Let Me Go’

With Patrick CC‘s new YouTube series ‘Locked In’ on its second episode now, he showcases yet again his ability to spot talent. With this episode, he linked up with Malik, a singer from Wichita who was invited out to the OKC area by Patrick to be featured on another one of these episodes. Together they created the new hit song ‘Let Me Go.’ The track follows the drill music trend that was popularized this past year by UK sound and American artists such as Pop Smoke, with their own R&B twist on it. They say the best songs are often the ones that take the least amount of time, and that stereotype is proven true with this track, being made in less than a day (not including minor edits). The extremely catchy hook and drill breakdown towards the end of this song perfectly blends together to create a track that will for sure have you floating. Malik’s angelic vocals that sound like something off a Kanye album, is very different from what we normally hear released by Patrick. It acts as the perfect break from the new rage/high-energy tracks that have been flooding everyone’s playlists recently. Whether it be executively producing an album, making a project within 24 hours, or just finding artists to create with, Patrick CC is quickly rising to the top as one of the most influential people in the underground hip-hop scene.

If you haven’t seen the other episodes of ‘Locked In’ or heard any of Patrick’s other musical projects, I strongly suggest you do so immediately after reading this. Hit after hit is coming out of Patrick CC’s discography and I wouldn’t be surprised if another album/EP is on the way, especially at the rate that he is dropping these singles. You can watch the latest episode of ‘Locked In’ as well as stream his new song with Malik below.

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