NIIKS Continues To Impress With New EP ‘Visions’

NIIKS, a 20-year-old rapper from Philadelphia. During the past few years, the eager hitmaker forged a solid reputation for himself through his musical talent. Now, he returns to the scene with the release of his newest EP entitled ‘Visions’ which dropped a few weeks back.

Throughout the project, NIIKS experiments with multiple different sounds and genres continuing to push himself to the limit and breaking down barriers. Whether its a more rage sound on songs like ‘Water Ice’ or slowing it down on tracks like the ‘Outro.’ But don’t let this fool you, even though he’s testing out new sounds, NIIKS is still able to pump out high quality, catchy songs, making sure that every song on this EP is worth the listen. This is definitely one of the rapper’s strongest projects and heading into the new year there’s no doubt we’ll be getting more music from the young star.

Another thing NIIKS does really well is making sure his visuals are up to speed with the quality of his music. He links up with City Island yet again for another insane music video for his song ‘Mercy’ which was by far the standout track of the project. The video was released a few weeks prior to the EP dropping and already amassed over 15-thousand views on YouTube. The video follows NIIKS playing a video game that he features in, walking around million-dollar cars that change colors throughout the video. NIIKS and City Island never fail to captivate their audiences and they continue their streak of hits with the Mercy video, and possibly another video for ‘Visions’ coming soon. NIIKS also worked with Vision Collective specifically for the cover art which includes various easter eggs about NIIKS’ life and his past videos. Being so young and consistently delivering high-quality content to his fans, I see no reason why the Philly rapper won’t be a household name by next year. You can stream NIIKS’ new EP ‘Visions’ as well as his new music video below.

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