LostBoyClay Releases His New Single ‘Picking Sides’

Maine-based artist, LostBoyClay, has just released his newest single ‘Picking Sides.’ The heart-rending track features Clay speaking on a past relationship that he can’t seem to shake out of his head. With the industry being filled with rage beats and upbeat tracks, hearing something slower and more personal is especially refreshing. LostBoyClay is no stranger to this sound either, the single he dropped right before this one ‘Friend Zone’ which featured a verse from Taylr Woods, has a similar emotionally driven and slower sound to this recent song.

The track is produced by longtime collaborators of Clay, Noah Anderson & Chris Peterson. The guitar-heavy instrumental pairs perfectly with the substance of this track. All the 3 collaborators came together to create the perfect modern-day heartbreak song. LostBoyClay has been dropping extremely frequently and shows no signs of stopping as each track brings in thousands of streams. You can stream Clay’s most recent track below!

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