Listen To Tino Szn’s New Mixtape ‘Pegasus Kid 3’

Today, North Carolina singer/songwriter Tino Szn released his newest project ‘Pegasus Kid 3.’ Best known for his two hit singles ‘Today’ and ‘Take Flight’, Tino grows into a deeper and more versatile artist on this collection.

Pegasus Kid 3 is an eight-track project and none of them are skippable. With only two verses from features, Tino carries all the weight on his shoulders and proves he too can have a JCole moment of being able to put out hit after hit without the assistance of another artist. Not at all to discredit both Surf and Skairwater who both put up incredible features on ‘Not The Same’ and ‘LMK’ that paired perfectly with the sound Tino brought to the table throughout the rest of the mixtape.

Tino Szn made sure to end this year off with a bang and I doubt he is going to let up heading into the next year. You can stream ‘Pegasus Kid 3’ below.

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