iHATEROCKET Drops Pre-Album EP Entitled ‘B4 Team Rocket’

Football star turned producer/DJ, iHATEROCKET, has returned with his new EP entitled ‘B4 Team Rocket.’ The majority of people were introduced to Rocket a few weeks ago when he dropped the first single off of his new EP which featured TrapGoKrazy and Xhulooo, two stars that have been making major waves in the underground scene. In a very “Travis Scott” styled pre-album EP, it seems the 2’12 member put this collection of tracks out as a little teaser to the bigger album that is set to drop very soon. Although don’t completely rule out this project just because it’s not the album. With 6 songs (including an intro and outro) we still get verses from other big stars such as BabySantana who brought a very different styled song than he’s normally used to and, Onlybino! who delivers one of his best songs to date. Other artists presented on the project include Guwop Reign, YellaBandanna, MoneyShawn, and 1600j who also come with incredible verses and features. Another detail of this EP that I found very interesting was at the end of a few songs you hear what sounds like a sample of an interview with Rocket himself, where he describes the upcoming album. That’s something you don’t really see in the rap industry anymore and most definitely something you don’t hear in the underground world.

This leads me into the art direction of Rocket’s album. I really enjoy when artists put time and effort into not just the music but also the visual aspect of projects. Whether it be the cover art, random samples, reversed audio, anything that gets you thinking is something that really isn’t seen anymore. I’m hoping we have some music videos to come with ‘Team Rocket’ I would love to see how Rocket translates his music to the screen. But until then we have these songs to play until the full project drops. You can stream ‘B4 Team Rocket’ below.

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