Hydn Prblms Links Up With Jaxx On Their New Hit ‘OxyCotin’

Las Vegas-native artist Hydn Prblms has released his new single ‘OxyCotin’. Epitomizing the popular emo-rap sound, Hydn fuses guitar and beats to create the best new sad song for your playlist. The chill track really allows for his powerful vocals to shine through, and even though it’s a slower song, ‘OxyCotin’ still has a catchy hook. The song also features vocals from another rising star, Jaxx.

Even though Hydn Prblms has only been in the scene for a little over a few years, his presence is large, with over 7k monthly listeners on Spotify. His loyal fanbase is consistently growing. As his talent is being frequently noted by many listeners that fanbase will only continue to go up. You can find ‘OxyCotin’ on all streaming platforms now, and check out his social media to hear about new music before it comes out!

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