Heem Savage Drops His New EP ‘My Way To Vent’

Heem Savage returns to the spotlight after the release of his new EP ‘My Way To Vent’ which dropped this past weekend. Coming off his hit single ‘Cool Shit’ which amassed over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone, Heem continues that energy through this project. After being in foster care, getting locked up, and getting shot, Heem has a lot on his mind and he finally gets to speak it on these tracks. Heem really showcases his versatility on this Ep as well, which is something that is extremely important to have in the scene right now. With a darker vibe on songs like ‘Cool Shit, Pt. 2’ and then transitioning to a dancehall sound on songs like ‘Vent’ and not only does he have the ability to make those genres but he can do them in a way that is very catchy. All of the tracks on this project are hits but the standout songs would have to ‘Roll Dawg’ and ‘Vent.’

The Hunting Park rapper has shown clear signs of his dedication to music and this EP is exactly what he needed to prove to people he makes high-quality music that can compete with the top players in the industry. Heem Savage looks to have a promising career heading into the new year and if you haven’t started paying attention to his music now you definitely should. You can stream his new EP ‘My Way To Vent’ below.

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