Exclusive Q&A: VegasMadeChri$! Talks Blowing Up On TikTok, Addison Rae, And More

VegasMadeChri$! took the entire internet by storm this month. With almost 300k videos on TikTok using his sound and over half a million streams on Spotify, Chris has become a massive segment of everyone’s year. Being thrown into the spotlight with his track “#SideN!ggaAnthem“, which is a remix to Surge’s “Bee” that was released a few weeks ago, he has caught the likes of names like Addison Rae, Noah Beck, and even BandLab. Check out the interview below.

One of my favorite things about watching your growth has been your support towards Surge. It is very rare, especially in this industry to give credit like that. Who are some other artists that have influenced your sound or motivated you to start making music?
A: Yeah of course, credit needs to be displayed more, especially in the underground where people make remixes or other versions of songs all the time. Surge’s song “Bee” is so fire and I recommend y’all check him out if y’all haven’t already. I’d say my inspiration for making music came from XXXTENTACION Nd Tyler, The Creator. Them guys really got me into making music. Artists that I’d say influenced my sound would be Autumn, Summrs, and KanKan. It would be awesome to collab with them in the future.
What was the first thing going through your head when you realized the track started going viral, and did you ever expect to reach a level where names like Addison Rae are listening to your song?
A: Excitement and a type of happiness that I’ve never felt in my entire life. To be so honest with you, I never expected this song to blow up whatsoever so to see people like Addison Rae and other social media stars use my sound on TikTok really fueled me and has me more motivated than ever.
How do you think BandLab has benefitted the underground and the music industry as a whole?
A: I feel like BandLab is a huge part of the underground right now and I feel like a lot of artists are benefiting a lot from the app. It’s a free app that has studio-quality sound as long as you know how to use it correctly. A lot of artists using BandLab right now are building their names and I feel like a lot of these kids are gonna be next up in the underground scene.
Similar to BandLab, TikTok has also become the main platform for smaller artists to reach a new audience. Would you suggest other underground artists hop on the TikTok wave for promoting their music?
A: I’d most definitely suggest anyone in the underground interested in promoting their music to do it on TikTok. TikTok gives so many of us underground artists recognition and the chance to gain fans, build a following, and also build a dope fan base.
Are you ever worried about having a label attached to your name? Similar to guys like KA$HDAMI being called TikTok rappers, do you think that’ll stunt your growth?
A: Nah, I’m not worried about it at all. As long as my name is getting out there and people learn about me as an artist and enjoy my music then I’m fine with it. I feel like it won’t stunt my growth at all.
Being as young as you are and accomplishing as much as you have in such a short time, what are some goals you have for yourself?
A: I like to set short-term goals before anything long-term. I’d say my goals as of right now is to really keep building my name, establishing my sound, and to keep dropping music that my newly gained fans enjoy. As of long term goals, by the end of next year I wanna be known as one of the top upcoming underground artists of 2022.
Obviously with all eyes on you going into the new year, what can fans expect heading into 2022?
A: Fans could expect a lot of dope music and progress with my sound. This is only the beginning and I hope everybody’s ready!

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