Exclusive Q&A: Krispy Klay Talks Growing Up In Pittsburgh, His Inspiration, And More

Pittsburgh-native, Krispy Klay is a 19-year-old rapper who has been making waves in the underground community. With thousands of streams across streaming platforms and over 32,000 followers on Instagram alone, he sat down with us to speak on his hometown, his creative process, and more. Check out the interview below.

What was it like growing up in Pittsburgh and how do you think that influenced your music?
Growing up in Pittsburgh was interesting, there’s a lot going on everyday and I feel the city matures you quickly. Well most people at least… 
As for the city influencing me to make music, I’m not sure it did. It was more of the people around me and who I grew up listening to. My homie Louie got me in the studio about a year ago and he’s the reason I make music today. Wishing he could be here to see what we’re doing now. I hope one day to be able to ball out for my family and friends. 
I know you’re planning on dropping a music video on the first day of the new year, what else can fans expect from you in the upcoming year?
I have a lot planned for this next year and am really excited to get started. I’m going to try to put out music consistently all through the year and plan live shows around the United States. Another thing I haven’t spoke much about and plan on doing in the next year is opening my own recording studio. 
Goals are obviously the most common thing people are talking about during this time of the year. What are the goals you want to achieve by the end of 2022?
I plan to set up a streaming channel of some sort or podcast where we can have people come and watch when I’m recording or doing sessions. I’d love to hit 100,000 plays on all platforms this year but I know that takes time. I need to collaborate with new artists and anyone that wants to work, I’m
always down. I can’t wait for this next year, I feel we are on to something. 
What are some artists that you feel have inspired your sound?
I don’t have a specific artist that I was inspired by. More so the songs I listen to. I play different music almost all day and am always listening to something. I molded my sound around myself and personality over the past year. I’m still finding my flow and have many things I want to try.
What does your creative process look like when making a song? 
I usually start by thinking of a topic I want to write about on the track and then go from there. Find the beat, write the whole song, record the song and then mix and master it myself. Sometimes I’ll hop on and freestyle as well. It depends on the beat and how I’m feeling at the time. Recording is one of the best parts of music. The feeling you get when you lay down lyrics and have everyone turning up is unreal. 
What is a piece of advice you’ve applied to your life that you would give to people wanting to start making music?
It sounds so cliche, but never give up. There is always greatness in your future if you put yourself in that position. It doesn’t come overnight and it will take time. I’m no where near where I need to be and I won’t stop until we make it plus more. Work hard now so you set yourself up for later in life. Don’t waste a day, even weekends should be work days. 
What should listeners who may be hearing you for the first time know about Krispy Klay? 
That this is just the beginning for us and I would love them to be on board for the ride. I’m a 19 year old artist from Pittsburgh, PA and feel one of the most important things is to support one another. Anything my people need, I got them always.

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