Exclusive Q&A: H33m Buck$ Discusses Creation And Backstory Behind New Album ‘Hear Me Out’

Earlier this month, Philly’s fast-rising rapper H33m Buck$ released his debut album, ‘Hear Me Out.’ H33m is not another rapper, he’s an artist. Instead of making rap music he tells real stories, and rather than being just an artist he refuses to be anyone but himself which is what really separates him from being compared similar creators. To get a better understanding of H33m’s early beginnings, plans for the future, and who he is as a person rather than just a rapper. Be sure to read through our full Q+A interview further discussing with H33m about not only his music career but his personal life as well.

How has the pandemic impacted your day-to-day, your recording process, and where you draw inspiration from?

A: The pandemic hasn’t really impacted my day to day because I still do what I gotta do every day, I handle my business & go wherever I need to. I’m just safe about it, like keep my mask on and use hand sanitizer.

My recording process is lowkey funny, we be bidding in the stu, just vibing. I always grab a couple snacks & a drink before I go in but I always knock out my verses in less then 15 minutes. I’m not the type rapper that take a hour for one song, if anything I take like 15 minutes each verse. If i gotta hook then 30 minutes tops & the engineer just mix all the songs at the end with the remaining time.

My first inspiration to rap was from the Philly rapper ‘Kur I use to listen to him every day and a lot of what he talked about was struggling and I thought like I gotta story too that I can share to let people know what I been thru, how God is bringing me from that and do it in my own way with my own story. My inspiration to rap now is the reaction and feedback I get from my messages in my songs, helping people, and giving people hope. People relying on me as a way out.

With this album, what do you want your listeners to take away from it?

A: With this album I wanted my listeners to understand my life, problems going on today in the world, and how God is a major part of my life and everybody else’s life even if they don’t know it. With each song, I put different parts of my life in it, all telling stories from beginning to end. That’s why I called it “Hear Me Out”. It’s self-explanatory.

How long have you been working on this project for and what were some obstacles and challenges you ran into during the creation of the album?

A: I been working on this project since around May and some obstacles I had during the creation of it was Covid at first cause we was on lockdown but I found out my studio was still open and I thought this was a great time to lock in and get this out the way. Another obstacle was having to help my mom pay bills, get stuff around the house, pay for essential everyday things, still buy clothes, and still trying to pay for studio sessions and music videos while working at a regular job. Every time I got paid I made it a priority to lock in the stu tho, I had it in my mind that I had to get this done before the year was over.

Who has been your favorite artist to collaborate with? Is there anyone that you want to work with in the future?

A: My favorite artist to collaborate with… to be honest that’s a little hard, everybody I collabed with on here, I got chemistry and history with. They like my brothers, but I would probably say BK Dave or Tone. Me and Dave went to middle school together & been cool ever since, that chemistry been there. We did “Real Talk” but we both agreed that wasn’t hot enough we needed something else, so when we got the “Game Time” beat we knew it was up! Recording that song in the stu was crazy vibes, we knew that was gon be a banger & it came out perfect. And Tone, that’s like my brother fr, if I ever need anything I know I can call his phone. We got “Stamped” & “Get Away” on there & the studio sessions for both of them were good vibes. After we made “Stamped” we both played it in the wheel for months, we just made “Get Away” a week or 2 before the drop of the album. But shoutout to everybody else that was on the album, they was all hot, we just ain’t get a chance to lock in the stu but it’s all love.

Is there anybody I would wanna work with in the future… locally, I gotta couple folks around the towns that I would work with and that I got something on the way with but ima keep that lowkey, they know wassup. & people already in the industry with some buzz… I want to work with Kur of course, Meek Mill, Lil Durk… I don’t listen to too many rappers.

What was your favorite song on the project? What’s your least favorite?

My favorite song on the project lol that’s a hard one… I got so many, but if I had to choose I would say ‘Vent’ it sums up almost like my whole life. I talked about my past, my upbringing, events that happened in my life, then fast forward to how I started rapping, situations going on with ex-girlfriends, homies I had that switched up, God being with me and my family. It’s definitely a hit, I just needs to push it more, and it had no hook, just bars, story, and a crazy beat produced by my guy nas-t & x-trac. And the crazy thing is I didn’t even write the song to they beat, I started it off with no beat, I just had a lot on my mind so I just started writing, then I found a beat on YouTube I was finishing it to. I had the song done for a couple weeks but I thought about putting it on the album so I knew I wanted a customized beat, so I hit my guy nas-t & he sent me the beat… I heard it, & instantly I knew that was the one. A lot of pain was put in that song.

My least favorite song is probably “Vibe With Me”. It’s not a bad song but it just didn’t come out how I wanted it to and how I projected it in my head. I know it’s still hot tho, the guys be rappin that jawn to me. I tried to do something a little different with the singing chorus because that’s what I felt like the beat was telling me to do, but I think it coulda came out a little bit better. Still a hot song though.

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