Exclusive Q&A: Eliyf Talks Working With Pinkgrillz88, Growing Up In DC, And More

Eli Kahler, also known as Eliyf is a 17-year-old music producer from Washington D.C. Being sprung onto the scene producing for Ferrero and Yung Fazo’s new single ‘Leave Me Alone’ which was featured on our page a few weeks ago, Eli has spawned a fruitful production career. He has worked with a number of different artists and his production level is unmatched, especially given how young he is. Check out the interview below

You’ve worked with some of the biggest players in the industry right now, for example, Pinkgrillz88, Yung Fazo, K Suave, Benjicold, etc. How does it feel being in the same space as those guys and how have they motivated you to continue to grow?

A: It feels amazing to be in the same space as the people i looked up too. I hope there’s producers and artists that look up to me and are inspired by me just like i was inspired.

How did growing up in Washington DC shape you in terms of becoming a producer?

A: Dc is a really diverse area so I was exposed to a lot of different music. I was always bumping different shit because I was around different cultures. It’s probably where my versatility comes from when producing.

How would you describe your creative process when making beats?

A: When I’m making a beat I never limit myself to a genre or go for a placement. My main goal is to have fun. If I start overthinking shit it’s gonna feel like a job.

What songs/projects have you worked on recently that you really enjoyed being a part of?

A: Some projects I really enjoyed being a part of are K Suave’s album sexually active, Eastbaytae’s recent EP Paradise, and Ferrero’s recent single ft Yung Fazo.

What is a piece of advice that you wish you had when you first started producing

A: A piece of advice I’d give to the next wave of producers is the importance of simplicity. A lot of prods overcomplicate their beats with 808 switches and 17 different leads. Although that shit can be fye if your going for placements keeping it simple is key.

What’s your overall goal in terms of your music career?

A: My overall goal in this producing shit is too inspire others. If just one kid sees my beats and makes the decision to start producing then I’ve already won.

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