Exclusive Q&A: Crunch Talks Working With Tory Lanez, His Inspirations, And More

Philadelphia is no stranger to being the home of many musical talents like Meek MillLil Uzi VertKur, and many others. Crunch, the Pennsylvania native adds to the prominent musicians that are being cut from that cloth.

Being sprung onto the scene producing Tory Lanez and Kevin Gates single ‘Convertible Burt,’ which was featured on the ‘Fast and Furious 9’ soundtrack, has spawned a fruitful production career. Since then, Crunch has worked with a number of artists and his production is unmatched, especially with how young he is. Check out the interview below.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

A: My biggest musical inspiration comes from KBeazy. Back in 8th grade, watching one of his youtube tutorials on how to make beats inspired me to download Ableton and experiment with music production. I’ve watched him go from a kid making beats in his basement to producing the number one song in the world in a matter of three years. I would love to follow in his footsteps and pursue the same path he did. 

Did you always know music was your calling? When did you realize this is something you could really make work?

A: From a young age, music was always my passion. I started playing drums when I was three years old, then soon followed to guitar and singing. From second to sixth grade, I taught myself to play five instruments (guitar, drums, piano, bass, and ukelele). Recently I looked back into my fourth-grade journal and saw numerous stories of my dreams to be a rockstar and professional musician. Music is in my blood, and has always been; I have never doubted that it is my calling in my life. 

What keeps you motivated during these times?

A: My motivation all comes from within. My passion and love for music is my most cherished trait and allows me to create original music every day for hours upon end. Along with my passion, I strive to prove others wrong. I have a note in my phone that documents every time I was told that I wasn’t made for music, and this allows me to gain ambition to succeed through my need to prove others wrong. 

What songs/projects have you worked on recently that you really enjoyed producing?

A: Recently, working on Tory Lanez’s upcoming project has been the most memorable experience. Seeing how someone who I once saw as a distant and untouchable celebrity genuinely believes in my work only motivates me more. As well as this, me and my team have been working on numerous reference tracks for a multitude of large pop artists. I always found that these songs were the most fun and memorable to produce, as they always get me dancing in my chair.

What is a piece of advice you would give to some younger producers?

A: I can not stress enough the value of genuine connections with others in the industry. Artist’s beat emails are not a reliable way to get a long-lasting working relationship. Reach out to the manager, engineer, A&R, or another producer who is close with the artist in a genuine fashion. Saying things like “Let’s work” or “Let me send some loops” is a stale approach that has been used hundreds and hundreds of times over. Approach these people like you want to build a real relationship, whether it’s congratulating them on an accomplishment or complementing their work. These connections are what is going to provide you with the best tools to succeed. 

What’s your overall goal in terms of your music career?

A: All I want is for my music to change lives. Grammy nominations and platinum and Billboard records are just added bonuses to me. If I am able to bring happiness to people’s lives then I can be content and proud of what I have done. My goal is not to be the biggest producer, but the most impactful. Along with this, I would like to be able to provide for a full family, giving them the same opportunities to succeed that I was given.

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