Exclusive Q&A: Creators of Wasted Lifestyle Talk Their Inspirations, Philly, and More

The Duo behind Wasted Lifestyle, Auggie Doggie and Chris OSS have spent numerous years perfecting their craft in the music scene. After putting out two fantastic projects they decided to launch a new path of their career which lead them to Wasted Lifestyle. Learning how to produce, mix, master, and record their own music they capitalized on those skills and put them to use within this brand. Read the interview below to get a deeper look into the minds behind the company.

What is Wasted Lifestyle?

C: Wasted Lifestyle is an independent music label that we have been working on building in the past couple of months. We’ve always had a vision of starting our own label since we started making music a couple of years back and now we feel we have enough support and background in the industry to finally set out to open a few studio spaces and start creating a new music community around Wasted.

A: It’s what we live daily, it ain’t a brand or a front you know if you know.

What is the overall goal you guys have for Wasted Lifestyle?

C: Wasted Lifestyle is more than just a production company, we want to create a community of aspiring artists, producers, and content creators and try to help them achieve their creative goals and become successful in the industry.

What is advice you would give to young, upcoming producers?

A: Work on your craft.

C: I’d say to all the producers/engineers that are just starting out to stick with it no matter what because there will definitely be some times where you say to yourself “I’m not getting any placements” or “I’m not progressing at all” and you just feel like going a different route. But I’m telling you as long as you stick with it and keep making beats or recording songs and then compare them to when you first started you’ll definitely see major improvements and that’ll be enough motivation for you to keep going. 

I know you guys are big on investing in yourselves, why do you think it’s so important to do so?

A: Taking the time to make a plan on what you wanna do before you execute it is key taking a step back and finding what you need in ya life more than what you want and putting in the effort to make it happen is where shit really starts takin’ off.

C: Never sell out! If you got a vision or goal in mind you gotta do whatever you gotta do to get to that point. Also, owning your own stuff is so important because it means you are in total control and you can do business the way you want to do it.

Do you guys want to expand to other locations or are you set on staying in Philly?

C: Absolutely. We’d love to market our brand globally and create a new community for artists and producers. And as for recording, we’d definitely would want to expand to major cities across the US once we have to capital to do so.

A: We wanna start local with local talent but absolutely wanna expand with different connections we’ve made in Cali and Atl.

What motivated or inspired you guys to start the company?

A: We ain’t here for the money we here cause we love what we do and only wanna see mfs prosper to they full potential the money gon’ come but it comes faster when we all put in the same effort together.

C: I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and run my own business in some way, shape, or form, so when I started getting into making beats and recording tracks, I realized that I could start my own brand to perform those type of services and also create a community of artists, producers, content creators, etc. where we could all help each other achieve out goals.

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