Esteban Premieres His New Project “floridawater.”

There’s no debate about how influential Florida music has been to the rap industry in the past decade and rising star Esteban is showing you exactly why that is on his new project “floridawater.” which was released a few days ago. One thing that really sets this album apart from other projects I’ve heard recently is his versatility. A lot of artists are versatile nowadays but you usually don’t see rappers put them all under the same project which is exactly what Esteban did, and I think it helps this album tremendously. From a more lyrical vibe on songs like “preface” to a more Florida sound on songs like “xxvi” and even going super melodic like on the track “twoforone.” Features are another aspect that really brought out the best in these tracks. With only 2 features from mackdaddyandy and kidturnedking, the two artists brought the same energy that Esteban came with. Most of the features we see nowadays, don’t add anything to the track, but that wasn’t the case with either of these verses, they really supported the tracks they jumped on and helped perfect the sound Estaban was striving for.

With thousands of streams on the album already in just the first 48 hours, Esteban has definitely found his sound and is starting to catch the attention of the industry. Already dropping an EP just a month before the release of this project, Esteban showcases his ability to stay consistent and put out high-quality content. You can stream Esteban’s new project “floridawater.” below.

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