Dsven Drops 10-Track Album ‘Through All My Transgressions’

Dsven has returned with his debut album ‘Through All My Transgressions’ which dropped early last week. After listening to this album in its entirety I was extremely surprised. It’s not every day that you find an artist that has their own unique sound but Dsven has clearly found his and learned to master it. With the industry being flooded by rage and pluggnb it’s refreshing to hear something different being brought to the table and that’s exactly what he does. The only other artists that come to mind when trying to compare his sound to another are Denzel Curry and Joey Badass. That super boom-bap-heavy sound is very prevalent across Dsven’s project. On songs like ‘FRUSTRATION’ is where he really taps into those old school Joey tracks and on songs ‘POKERFACE’ he has that Anonymuz sound. Dsven showcases his versatility throughout the whole album as well. Whether you’re in the gym, chilling in the crib, or looking for something to play on the AUX, this album is perfect to just hit shuffle and leave on.

Dsven is an extremely talented rapper and I definitely see him making major waves in the upcoming year. Bringing boom-bap back to the scene while still making a very enjoyable track is something that is not easy to do but he does it very well. I am really looking forward to seeing where he takes it, and if you aren’t aware of his discography you should check it out. You can stream his new album ‘Through All My Transgressions’ below.

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