DRXKO Becomes The ‘Antihero’ In His Newest Song

DRXKO has to be one of the most slept-on artists I’ve covered ever. I found him through TikTok yesterday after he posted a small snippet of his latest release ‘Antihero.’ Usually when I come across these artists they post these snippets and then go months without releasing them and by that point, I’ve already forgotten about the song, but I was extremely pleased to see DRXKO had already put out the song a few days prior to posting the video. Following the rage trend, this song definitely carries that same high-energy track. With that genre rapidly taking over SoundCloud and the underground scene, I see no reason why people wouldn’t start paying attention to DRXKO. His lyrics, cadence, energy, and writing ability are all on the same level as the top contenders of that scene. If you haven’t heard of DRXKO already, I think you definitely will in the upcoming months leading into the new year. You can stream his new track below.

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