Datboiryen Delivers An Out Of This World Experience With ‘N 2 ME’

Datboiryen, the singer/songwriter from the DMV area, is no stranger to releasing high-quality music but he really outdoes himself with his newest song ‘N 2 ME’. Ryen puts it perfectly taking to Instagram to say, “I feel as though this is a huge leap in the right direction for what I want to convey to everyone” and he couldn’t be any more correct. The energy and emotion that this song radiates is unheard of for someone in the underground. The vulnerability that is showcased in the lyrics of this track is just one aspect of Ryen’s bigger picture and displays yet again why he should be a household name. Working alongside johnkwon.dll who produced this track, the two created a rollercoaster of emotion. Starting with the slow, introspective beginning, which then leads into the drop where it feels like Ryen finally lets loose of all the complications he talked about in the prior verse, almost treating the instrumental as a therapist.

I’ve spoken about this before in a previous article but another reason I really enjoy Ryen is his image and visuals that are paired with his tracks. Whether it’s a music video, cover art or just a Instagram post, he always seems to have everything fit into this realm that he is building within his discography. With each and every song, Ryen is continuing to prove his knack for making music and art in general. You can stream datboiryen’s new song ‘N 2 ME’ below.

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