Bri-C’s Latest Hit ‘Fiesta’

Fan favorite Bri-C returns to the Vision Collective page for his new single ‘Fiesta’. The high energy song has a uniquely hype beat and it’s the perfect new addition for your party playlist. We can definitely see it blowing up; he’s been releasing one hit after another and ‘Fiesta’ is a particularly catchy one. His latest single follows the release of ‘So Long’, featuring Sphnxy. The track was long awaited as it was Sphnxy’s last feature ever. Bri-C is known for his great collaborations- just this year he released an album titled ‘No Structure’ with 808Riot and JAKOBI that features a few other Vision Collective favorites. Overall, Bri-C has been working hard this year, and we’re excited to see what he has in store for the rest of 2021. You can check out his Instagram to hear his new music early and you can stream ‘Fiesta’ out on all platforms now.

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