Artists Of The Month [September 2021]

September has officially ended, and with that comes the list of our favorite artists from this past month. Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with the talent featured below. (Not in any specific order).


Rage music has been on the top of everyone’s list more music genres this year, and if there’s one artist who has nailed the sound it would be Pamane. Pamane is an African-born, Virginia-based rapper who has been making serious waves in the past year. Coming off the release of his most recent album ’01TDI’ he has dropped over 15 songs in the last 10 months. It’s not often you see an artist dropped on a regular basis and have the quality of the songs stay very high, but Pamane has found a way.

Although rage music is his normal style, the young artist has much more versatility than that, which is shown in his old music where he showcases his ability to really rap. Pamane has a lot more songs ready for the public, including a Vision Collective exclusive dropping on October 15th on SoundCloud. Pamane is definitely an artist to watch headed into the new year and I know his music is going to start hitting the playlists of the general public very soon.


Indiana-native, Midwxst, has been ripping thorugh the industry right now. Going from a kid who made hyperpop music in his bedroom to amassing nearly half a million monthly listeners and a country-wide tour following the release of his recent project ‘BACK IN ACTION.’ With major features from BabySantana, KA$HDAMI, and more, Midwxst is really showcasing his growth. After being label a ‘hyperpop’ artist, I think this project was crucial in helping prove that he is much more than that. In this day in age, being versatile is one of the best skills to have and he definitely has that.

On top of a project with no skips, one of the unique traits of the young rapper, is his ability to drop hit after hit consistently. Releasing just under 20 songs this year, there’s no question as to why he has been receiving the love he has been. Not only has he been consistent with music but Midwxst is also no stranger to putting out eye-catching, energy-filled music videos. Often collaborating with the talented DotComNirvan, the ‘Trying’ rapper has dropped 6 visuals, just this year alone. With a rabid fanbase and extremely good music, I see no reason why Midwxst won’t be a household name in the upcoming year.


As I mentioned with Midwxst, versatility is everything nowadays and if there’s one artist who has mastered the art of being able to make any genre of music it would be Ryen. Datboiryen is a rising singer/songwriter know for his catchy, melodic tracks. Often blending R&B flows with popular rap beats, recently including rage, hyperpop, and other digital styles that are taking over the charts this year. Coming off of his most recent track ‘Go!,’ Ryen continues to drop high quality music on a consistent basis. It’s often very hard to come across artists at this stage who have their own really distinct sound. 

On top of having a signature sound and endless hits, one of the main things that sticks out to me from the ‘out in LA’ artist, is his creative direction. Whether it’s his music videos, cover artwork, or just simply his Instagram feed, Ryen clearly has a natural gift for art. Again, with most artists at this stage it is very hard to find a creator that not only has good music but also can look the part as well. The Ayden Lawman directed music video for ‘more 4 u’ is the perfect example of this. Even with little to no budget Ayden and Ryen deliver a beautifully crafted visual for fans that features incredible videography and the signature silhouette shots that will have you second guessing the fact that this video only has a couple hundred views.  With his song ‘luv me first’ featuring XVXPARIS, being one of my favorite songs of the year, I’m extremely excited to see where Ryen ends up in the upcoming months.

Kody Lavigne

After releasing his breakout hit ‘need melatonin’ that came with a music video shot by the guys over at Overcast, Kody Lavigne should be one of the most talked about names in the underground space. With a handful of creative visuals to go along with his songs, he makes it cleat that he really puts time and effort into his craft, and at this point it seems Kody can really do no wrong. With now multiple songs of his having hundred of thousands of streams on them, the young artist has really started to catch the curiosity of music fans. Whether it’s an upbeat, pluck-heavy instrumental or a emotionally-dense track, Kody doesn’t miss when he drops.

Recently catching my attention on TikTok when he previewed his newest track ‘The Golden Boy.’ This instantly shot up to my most listened to song on Spotify after having it on repeating for weeks. Although different from the usual music he puts out (besides ‘Mayhem’ which is another incredibly catchy song), I definitely think this style of music perfectly fits with Kody’s cadence and style. The Ransom and Theogotit produced track has already reached tens of thousands of streams on just Spotify alone, with the track not even being a month old yet. With a unique voice and a very strong discography to back him up, Kody is on his way to stardom and don’t be surprised if he’s all over people’s playlists in the next couple months.


T$AN is an Atlanta-born artist that has been catching a lot of attention recently. After moving to Philadelphia after his tenth grade year, the city really got behind his music. Having Lil Uzi Vert take him under his wing might’ve had something to do with it, but don’t let that fool you into thinking T$AN is just another Uzi or Carti clone. The rapper has come out and said they have been very influential to him and his sound, but he is much more talented and unique than that. Between the energy he brings to all of his tracks, the countless high production videos he releases, or his documentary series, the young star is exactly that, a star. His most recent video has a different style for the song itself, but the quality of his visuals are still very much there. The Whipalo directed visual features T$AN in various scenes filled with bright colors, and LSD-like effects that you won’t be able to look away from. You can go watch any music video of his and you’ll be blown away after finding out his monthly listeners is less than 7,000.

T$AN is one of those artists that you look at and no matter how many streams or followers they have, you can tell he has that natural born star power with the talent to back it up. After dropping ‘Never Mattered back in 2020, he quickly caught the attention of the underground. Since then he has had continuous success with his singles including, ‘Birds Eye View,’ ‘Forever,’ and ‘Lights Out’ just to name a few. After being seen in the studio with the Internet Money team a few weeks ago, it’s clear to see even the top players in the game are starting to pay attention. With an upcoming album expected to drop soon, and fans eagerly awaiting the release, T$AN is for sure going to be a name the general public will be aware of in the near future.

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