Artists Of The Month [November 2021]

With the holiday season just around the corner, that means it is time for the list of our favorite artists from this past month. If you aren’t familiar with the artists below, you should definitely check out their music. (Not in any specific order).


Jammabands is a rapper coming out of the Seattle area with a super unique sound who has been taking the internet by storm this past week. After releasing his hit song “Up It!” which was featured in the background of various different Instagram posts causing the song to really catch attention. After getting a couple of thousand streams on SoundCloud within a month he released the song on all platforms which surpassed the Soundcloud streams in just a few weeks. I say this about a lot of the artists in these lists but it’s such a key aspect, and that’s how these artists take care of their branding. Jamma does a great job with all aspects of branding, everything from his cover art to his Instagram is really well done and again, showcases his star power.

Jamma is on the path for stardom and he’s climbing that ladder extremely quickly. With such a stellar discography to back him, I have a feeling this upcoming year is going to be great for the upcoming rapper. You can stream his new song “Up It!” below.


One of my personal favorite artists of the year we have, Iayze, an 18-year-old up and coming rapper and producer based out of Fort Worth, Texas. After his breakout hit “Cold Sweats!” started catching attention on TikTok just a few months ago, surpassing the 200 thousand stream mark on SoundCloud and nearly 100 thousand on Spotify. He wasted no time in giving his fans even more with the release of his latest project “Be The Best” which he dropped just four weeks ago. The 11-track album includes no features but really gives us an idea of what Iayze can do solo. One thing he does really well that has always stood out to me is his dedication to putting out only his best work. Even on songs where people have paid for a verse, Iayze always delivers without fail, something that is not too common in music and especially the underground rap world. Pluggnb completely took over this year and you cannot mention that genre of music without now mentioning the name Iayze. On top of his musical achievements, he was recently seen with Dotcomnirvan, the music video director that took the underground by storm this year and filmed most of Yeat’s visuals, as well as Summrs just a few weeks ago, presumably shooting a music video that will drop next year.

Iayze has already solidified his spot in the underground space. Take a look at his platforms and you’ll see millions of streams across a wide variety of songs that make up his unique discography. With collaborations from BenjiCold, Slump6s, KANKAN, Summrs, and more, Iayze is 1000%n an artist to keep your eye on in the future.


NIIKS is a 20-year-old rapper who grew up in the Philadelphia area, who now resides in Florida. Ever since the release of his debut project “Toohighup” which premiered on all streaming platforms last year, he has been on one of the craziest runs I have seen from an artist of his size. His creativity and attention to being more than just a person who makes music plays a massive role in the recent success that the young star has seen in the past 365 days. Between his giveaways, album release parties, and extremely high-quality music videos (which are all directed by the guys over at CityIsland) NIIKS really has no way to lose. There is no artist that comes close to what the rapper does outside of music, but don’t let that fool you into thinking his music doesn’t live up to the same standard. After knowing NIIKS personally for a few years I can attest to the fact that nobody puts as much time in the studio as he does, and what he puts out shows that. With one of the strongest discographies we have covered, working with names like Vory, who was recently featured on Kanye West’s “DONDA” album, and Yung LiV who signed with Capalot Records a few months ago and is currently on tour with Polo G. On top of that, his versatility is hard to beat, building up his own sound that he has perfected to even hopping on a rage beat on his latest project he is talented all across the board.

NIIKS has shown zero signs of slowing down and with his creative expertise and impressive network, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be seen as a household name in the industry very very soon. With more visuals planned to drop soon and a deluxe to his most recent album “Visions” rumored to be coming out in a few weeks. NIIKS is definitely an artist on this list you should be paying very close attention to. You can stream his latest album below.


Probably one of the biggest artists of the few that are featured on this list we have sgpwes, who is an artist that has been making a lot of noise recently. After dropping one of the best songs of the year “Fuck Da Goofies” which included a Slump6s feature and is now sitting at just under 50,000 streams on Spotify, sgpwes has continued his streak with his newest song “AMG.” Being dropped alongside a music video directed by the very talented production house, No Soap, this visual is easily my favorite of the year. With liquid transitions, a super creative color grade, and a fast-paced structure, this video will have you locked in until the end. It’s great to see these production companies gain more attention, and seeing high-quality visuals for your favorite underground artist is something that is very new and I don’t think it’ll be going anywhere. Back on the topic of sgp, I think the reason he stands out so much right now, is how unique his sound is. Only comparable to Slump6s or BabySantana, sgpwes’ music is often very distorted and high energy. Although their music may not sound exactly the same I see a lot of parallels between him and the late, XXXTentacion‘s old SoundCloud stuff. That’s been one of the coolest parts of 2021 is seeing the SoundCloud scene come back in full force. With pluggnb similar to Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti‘s old sound, and rage music having the same energy that Ski Mask & X brought to the industry is super refreshing.

We are once again in a new era of rap and sgpwes is consistently showcasing why he is at the front of that stampede. With his last couple of songs all performing extremely well, I don’t expect that to stop heading into the new year. Hopefully, COVID will start to dissipate so we can start to enjoy these rappers’ live. You can watch the “AMG” music video below.


Ferrero has been on a tear this year dropping over 15 tracks this year, including his EP “Indecisive” which was released a few months back, and a brand new project called “Kick The Kup” with long time collaborator, FarrellB. Ferrero is an upcoming artist based out of New York City who has only been releasing music for the last 2 years but has made unbelievable progress in such a short time. His first song dates all the way back to October of 2019 which also included a feature from the very popular Yung Fazo, not too bad for your first track. He would continue his streak, working with other major names in the industry such as producers, Pinkgrillz88 & eliyf. The NYC rapper would catch a lot of his attention through TikTok but leveraging his discography filled with a unique sound and a network compiled with well-established artists, he has been able to escape being put into that box of ‘TikTok Rappers’ which is great because I think Ferrero definitely deserves more credit than that.

For someone who hasn’t been in the scene for very long, it’s insane to think that he has been able to find his own sound, and make significant strides in the industry. Amassing tens of thousands of streams across all platforms, I really see Ferrero being another household name in the upcoming year. You can check out his new project with FarrellB below.

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