Artists Of The Month [August 2021]

As August comes to an end we bring you our favorite artists from the last 31 days, that you should definitely pay attention to in the upcoming months. (Not in any specific order).

Bryce Morgan

With the rise of bedroom pop becoming more and more prevalent in mainstream music, Bryce Morgan is demonstrating his natural ability for making catchy songs that’ll be stuck in your head for months. His latest release ‘BETTER NOW’ is a prime example of this. With the guitar-heavy instrumental paired with Bryce’s monotone vocals, creates a fantastic track that you will most definitely have on repeat. Another thing I notice with Bryce is his showcasing of being an actual “artist.” The art direction that can be seen in his cover art, and Instagram feed, leaves me in awe every time I come across it.

If you enjoy the bedroom pop era I know you will enjoy Bryce’s discography. With an EP on the way I’m sure he will quickly make his way into people’s favorite artists. it blows my mind that he has less than 1000 monthly listeners on Spotify. With an extremely unique voice and unbelievable songwriting capabilities, Bryce is able to stay consistent with putting out hit after hit. If you aren’t familiar with his music, you should check it out below because I’m sure he’s going to continue to put out great music.


If you’ve heard of any of these artists, there is a very good chance that it’s Koi. With his last release doing nearly 100,000 streams in just a few weeks the Alabama-raised, LA-based singer/songwriter has completely taken over my daily playlists. With his two recent tracks ‘rushing’ and ‘110%’ being some of my most streamed songs of the year already. Koi is the perfect artist when it comes to summertime and you’re looking for that song to add to your AUX playlist. His soothing vocals layered on top of bubbly, upbeat instrumentals are the quintessential combination for listening to something to bring your mood up.

I’m always a sucker for music videos and especially when they are from smaller artists and production companies and Koi is no stranger to releasing visuals along with his songs. Frequently working with rising music video production Overcast, Koi’s visuals are always extremely high quality, which is why it’s so frustrating when you see his videos at such low numbers. Although Koi is one of the most-streamed out of all these artists, he’s still criminally underrated in the grand scheme of things.


Easily the most slept on artist of the 5, luxy comes in with only 9 monthly listeners at the time of writing this. Having known him personally I know for a fact that his numbers do not reflect the quality of music he has out and is getting ready to put out. A lot of these younger artists coming up ride whichever wave is popular at the time, but the Philadelphia-based rapper has an extremely unique sound but also makes songs that would fit perfectly in playlists with the top players in the industry right now. On top of that his ability to stay consistent is unheard of. Every time he sends me a new song I like it even more than the last, and it immediately gets downloaded to my phone and played on repeat until he sends me the next one.

I would love to be able to compare him to another artist so you can get a better understanding of what he sounds like but you’re just going to have to trust me on this one and listen for yourself. He is a very very versatile artist, being able to go from an angelic drill song you’d play during a workout to a relaxed plugg-sounding track you can listen to at a function. With only having one song out at the moment ‘BACK UP’ there’s not much to say about him, but I am telling you he is getting ready to put out some crazy music and should tune in because I really do see ripluxy being a top contender in the music space very soon.

Franko Dior

Hailing from New Jersey and Florida, Franko Dior is one of the artists that automatically stands out in my mind when I think of upcoming artists that deserve more recognition. At just 21-years-old, Franko is already making strides in the rap scene. Coming off his collaboration project with UnoTheActivist’s younger brother MDMA, entitled ‘Designer Drugs.’ Only featuring 3 songs on the EP but I would definitely add to my list of favorite projects released this year. Recently the wave of rage has been completely taking over the scene and Franko is showcasing that he can compete with the leaders of that wave. On his last EP his track ‘Levels’ is 100% a standout track and if you’re a fan of the rage genre, you will absolutely enjoy.

Although he is just getting started, what makes Franko unique is the fanbase he has built up. I have never seen an artist at this size with a rabid fanbase. Just two days after releasing his latest track ‘Up’ the song has already surpassed 5,000 streams. For someone who has only been putting out music for a few years, the Florida-raised rapper is proving to the world he has the talent and dedication to climb the ladder and be known as a leader in this industry. I’m very excited to see where he takes his career in the next year, and highly suggest checking him out.

Taylr Woods

Taylr is one of the most popular of the artists in this list and for very good reason. In just a matter of a year, the Houston artist has gone from someone I found on Promoting Sounds to someone who pulls over 100 thousand views on a music video in only a matter of a month. His growth has been unreal and it’s super inspiring to see rappers come up off of the internet again. I feel like after the initial 2016-2017 SoundCloud era we stopped seeing these newer artists pop off and I think that’s coming back at full strength and Taylr’s name should 100% be mentioned when talking about the new wave of artists. His melodic approach to various different types of beats is unrepeatable and his voice pairs perfectly with his selection of instrumentals.

With thousands of streams on SoundCloud alone, Taylr is showcasing that 2021 was his year dropping 15 songs already this year. With his songs having close to a million combined views on YouTube, I think that’s a prominent indication of the direction that Taylr is going to continue in for the rest of the year leading into 2022. If you aren’t familiar with his discography you should check it out. It’s a very dense tracklist, having a lot of songs to choose from with just about every single one of them being a banger. Whether you’re in your bag or just looking for something to listen to while you’re in your room, Taylr is a strong contender.

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