Angvl Is “drunk & confused” On His Newest Track

One thing about Angvl that has always stood out to me is his ability to switch things up and do something more unique than what the mainstream is doing and he does just that on his new song “drunk & confused.” In the style of lofi-rap which was popularized by guys like xxxtentacion, powfu, and the app TikTok, it is still a style we don’t see from very many artists. With rage and these songs with heavy 808s, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to hear something more laid back that isn’t pluggnb. With Angvl’s mellow bars layered on top of the Shiloh vocals that infuse the background of the track, this song is perfect to throw in your playlists. Paired with a flawless bridge between his two verses, this should surely be highlighted as one of his best pieces.

Angvl is by far one of the most active and dedicated rappers I have seen coming up in this space, and I really think that along with his discography is going to carry a lot of weight, giving him the upper hand going into the next year. If you aren’t familiar with him I definitely think it’d be a good idea. You can stream “drunk & confused” below.

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