6VIB3Z Latest Hit ‘Runaway’

6VIB3Z’s newest song ‘Runaway’ is making waves. The chill rap song’s emotional tone is part of 6VIB3Z’s signature sound. The young Atlanta rapper started making music in 2018 and his music typically falls into the emo-rap genre, with most of his lyrics covering depression and heartbreak. 6VIB3Z recently started getting traction on TikTok, and ‘Runaway’ is already on track to become one of his top hits. The single features Lilcheatcod, another rapper on the come-up who makes music with a similar vibe to 6VIB3Z’s; the two collaborate perfectly. You can listen to ‘Runaway’ on all streaming platforms now and check out 6VIB3Z’s socials to make sure you follow him before he blows up.

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